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  1. What is the deal with hitman his site is down and the curiosity is killing me.
  2. They called him in over at the Merc. He is repairing Globex.
  3. From what I know he was one hell of a MIS guy. Do you really think they have hime there fixing everything on his own. You never know in tough times the exchanges will always cut corners.
  4. Yeah, he is by himself. They let him bring his Leatherman and a Turbo Pascal manual.
  5. we started debating politics, so he shut it down.
  6. Really did he shut it down for that. Your not pulling my leg are you?
  7. no, not pulling your leg. specifically, the topic was of course, going into iraq. a few seemed to think we were going in to steal their oil, while others argued that september 11 taught us that you must be preemptive.
  8. Yanking my chain?
  9. Why did he shut down his site? Did he really get out and by a convenient store like he sais he might.
  10. I hope he is not slinging crack.
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