Hitman - Best ET Journal of All Time!

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  1. Most Elite Trader visitors have no clue about Hitman or who he is from back in the hay day of day trading! Hitman was a true trading success story from my old prop firm World Co LLC! He came to ET and told his story from the start and posted no matter what his trading day was. Yes he had many really bad days but he was honest about them. P/L was not an issue (unlike most posters) and he even broke making 100K plus a year here on ET! Later in his career he earned the respect of management (Walter Scott Bruan) and was awarded a group of traders. The student became the teacher right here on ET and his students started doing well. He kept posting on ET and all of a sudden he stopped.

    I wonder what has happened to him (we both worked at the biggest and most kick ass prop shop of the time) and I also realize he was the modern day Jessie Livermore.

    Here is his handle http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/member.php?s=&action=getinfo&userid=7803 and what do you think? Is he the best story or not?

    My personal view is his story is better the Joe Dirt's movie story but in the trading world!

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    He came back to ET about a month ago. Out of no where. I responded to him but no response. BTW, I don't recall him getting a group. He had a couple of guys trade with him and he posted their p&l as well. The guy was a true basket case. BTW, who are you? I traded there from 2000 to 2002.
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    His heart was broken so he's lost his mojo. Like Tiger Wood he will be back.
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    What kind of journal is this?
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    Hitman had by far the most comprehensive, complete, soul-barring journal ever posted on ET. He went into extreme detail about all his strategies and the stocks he traded. Too bad it was all NYSE scalping techniques that stopped working years ago. His perpetual infatuation with the "princess" was also a diverting subplot.

    I remember after he left worldco he had a brief stint working at FXCM. I am very curious what he's doing now.
  6. I remember Hitman well. I thought he got banned after he kept using his thread to recruit traders.
  7. T boy ain't got no more wood and does a Saddam Hussein – going from bunker to bunker.

    also been known to do a Yasser Arafat – ugly and in the sand

  8. never read his journal...before my time but he must have been one ugly son of a bitch to write about feening over a chick
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  10. I think I remember that happening. He started a on line group and Barron had a issue with that. He was recruiting without paying for sponsorship. At the same time Don Bright was sponsoring the board and Hitman was recruiting the same people Don and the other sponsors had to pay to also recruit.
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