Hitler gets a margin call...

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  1. For all the gold bugs and Hitler lovers I have ever known...

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    by far the funniest you tube video I've ever seen!!!! OMFG

  3. Too friggin' funny. :D :D :D
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    Looks like those Krugerrands and Silver Eagles didn't last too long!

    LOL funniest YT!
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    OMFG I needed that...... LOL
  6. This film (the untergang -downfall in english) has been abused for every imaginable topic on you tube from cowboys losing to giants in playoffs last year to blu ray beating hd dvd.
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    The guys who do that are great!! We need someone here to do that with Hitler trying to ban T28 but he keeps coming back under new aliases.

    "All of you mods who have not banned T28 leave the room now"

  9. Man. That was frickin funny.
  10. LMFAO!!!
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