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  1. on flat bench and oly snatch this week (390x2; 250). Hitting the PR was a goal for the year and now I intend to lean-out for the Summer. I'll be traveling for four months starting the first week of June so I intend on dropping from 255 to 225. I'll post an EOW workout and diet summary.

    6'3" at 258 in the pic last month. Biceps a hair under 19". 50" chest; 36" waist. Got the 11 Pro Max so better images forthcoming. No shirt off as you queens can only get so hard.

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  2. 225lb push-jerks this morning at home. 22 reps total. Squats later in the day. Bean quesadilla for breakfast. WW tortilla, WF fat free pinto beans, quattro formaggi (blasphemy) and TJs jalapeno. 650 cals. Red Bull orange and two SBUX double shots.

    300 cals on the C2 rower.
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    Nice B... D20 and Red Bull for the win! Definitely interested in the training as well as the diet. Keep it going here.
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  4. haha. I had a great pump going and ran into WMT for my SBUX fix wearing my blue "Impeach 45" tee and some MAGA twat flipped me off so I motion to run towards him and he dropped his shit and ran out of the store. Dude was carrying eggs and milk. Ah hahahahahahaha.
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  5. I've noticed that I simply cannot workout without music as I get older. Spotify psytrance playlists are my current go to.
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    lol MAGA twats. Makes you wonder where he got the balls to flip you off in the first place? Being he's the type of pussy to drop the milk and eggs to run like a bitch. Also... you're 6'3" at 258lbs.
  7. Interesting. I’m the opposite.
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  8. He was like 30M from me. He was walking to the self-check and I was passing coffee. I passed the coffee aisle and turned around and he flipped me a Johnny Cash. I ran like three steps and he looked as though he's been struck by lightning. He should have waited until after checkout.
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  9. Classic...
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