hit my goal, now what???

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  1. This is a year end review. I have been trading for six years and have made money the past two. I started with 125k six years ago and in Jan 2006 I had 100k. So I was losing a few percent per year. I decided to trade options and futures exclusively in Jan 2006.

    For the full year ending Jan 2006 I made an 800% return bringing my equity to 800k. I will admit that about 200k of the gains were because of luck. The rest was from a well thought out strategy I came up with during the losing years.

    In Jan 07 I continued trading the account and gained an overwhelming 500%. The new strategy is still working. Remember, I am trading only futures and options. My account stands at $3.7 m because I withdrew some for personal uses. My question to all the other ET is should I retire while the going is good? I know that this can't continue on forever and I may move the money into cd's and index funds for safety. I only need about 150k per year to suit my current lifestyle.
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    well I don't trust you,

    you see, guys who know what they do and what their edge is, they go on until they die.

    its unlikely you had all this luck, and its quite clear you don't have an edge
  3. I think you should take your profits and run! There is no room for people in the trading world who fantasize and tell porky pies.
  4. LOL. What a meatball.
  5. people must be huingry this morning. We got our "porky pies" and "meatballs" this guy is talkin about his bread and butter.
  6. I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt, take some money, set it aside...so you don't lose the shirt on your back.

    Don't quit trading, keep applying your strategy and making money. If you have some luck in there, that is okay. Don't let these people on ET discourage, we all need some luck on our side.

    Keeping setting goals for yourself.

    Congrats on meeting your goals.
  7. the fact that you started with 125 k and now have a few million and need us to tell you what to do is suspect. i smell someone who wants to pump his strategy for money !
  8. Now if we were to add a "pinch of nutmeg" to all these foods they 'll be more tasty :)

    Happy New Year!
  9. It is luck. Or, at least, no significant run of bad luck lately.

    It is easy to see with those kinds of returns, you are levered up too much. I can tell you what will happen, and probably sooner than you think - even if you have a real edge you will experience a bad run that will take your account way down. It's damn near guaranteed. You will probably start to second-guess, chase, and not trust your method. Since you started this thread I suspect you know this too.

    Good luck and good trading. :cool:
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    My daddy told me when you start to talk bs on the first day of the year you gonna be unlucky the whole year.
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