History will Show McCain lost because of Palin

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  1. And Obama was the accidental President.

    Obama was never running for the 2008 presidential cycle. He was setting in motion plans for either a 2012 or 2016 run.

    Obamas "ground game" is not his. The current Dem. ground game is the result of Dr. Howard Deans hard work.

    Obamas "internet game" is not his either. It was built on the success of Dr. Howard Deans internet experiments and experiences.

    Obama's "fund raising game" is a text book replication of Howard Deans preliminary work on raising money online.

    For all of Hillarys advantages, history will again show, no one likes pushy women. And people would rather have a black man than a white Woman for president.

    Good Choice. Women have proven to be abysmal leaders. Look at Pelosi. She is so incompetent, she belongs in Jail, not in congress.

    And That is why McCain Lost a election that was his for the taking.

    He selected a Woman.

    And not just any woman.

    He selected a woman that panders to lowest possible form of life. the republicon right winger.

    She has been the single reason that independent voters have moved away from McCain.

    Depending on the current circumstances, pandering to this fringe fanatical group will either make you a king ( bush) or a pauper ( McCain)
  2. What are the odds Obama will be the last president of the USA?
  3. lowest possible form of life. the republican right winger.

    This is the the best thing i EVER read in my life.
    Even single celled bacteria, the simplest form of life ranks higher in my book than Republicans.
    The are no words to express my contempt / despise/ total rejection/ wanting to puke /feeling the urge to spit / towards Republicans.
  4. Go find your Mama. Time for your Ridellen.
  5. I find myself agreeing a lot with the poster above Had Hillary won, I would have sat the election out. Can't stand Feminazis either. The Clintons behaved like entitled spoiled kids
    It's true that Obama has learned an awful lot from Howard Dean + he is a better speaker.