History suggests a much bigger, second wave of H1N1 influenza pandemic in the fall

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  1. We'll find out.
  2. So far more people have died from bee stings than pig flu.

    The persistent propaganda bullshit does not reflect reality.

    Why the persistent propaganda on pig flu?

    Who is behind this?

    who benefits from this?

    Which company makes the pig flu vaccine? is the entity privately held or public? who are the largest shareholders?

  3. Oh it's a big company alright that makes the vaccines. And yes, they probably are making them right now. Hundred of millions. I believe it's GlaxoSmithKline.

    When the flu was announced, they were bemoaning that any vaccine would take months to manufacture and then only in quantities of a few hundred millions. That info got passed along about a month in, and the stock popped a good 3% or more the day of the announcement they cracked the flu and sent it for manufacturing.

    Bet they'd look foolish making hundred of millions of vaccines if the whole thing blew away.

    The WHO really looked stupid, a crisis and they could do nothing for months, and they even took a month AFTER the flu started killing to even notice it. They probably want to overreact and pretend they're on top of things than for everyone to see they're a big useless bureaucracy.
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    Makes a good story doesn't it?

    'Pig Flu looks like it's contained' for example doesn't sell many papers.

    Bet if you go back 3-4 months every paper and news outlet has carried a similar story.

    Remember, there are only 2 things you can believe with papers -

    1 - the date
    2 - the price
  5. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.
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    Maine has decided to go the permission slip route. The shots will be happening in schools, but they give the parents the decision, fair enough. Other states should also. I have my concerns about NJ. They already had mandatory for pre-school and kindergarten before swine flu came about.

  7. I'll try to find the link, but another very prominent epidemiologist has come out and said that this is most likely a lab created strain of influenza and that the risk of it mutating into a much more lethal form before too long is "quite high."

    He was interviewed by the BBC, and is an American who used to work at the National Institute of Health.
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    We (the human race) are overdue for some type of pandemic. Cosidering how "global" everything is nowadays, it's a little scary. You could easily be exposed to something the same day it breaks out on the other side of the world. Think about it. To travel from China or Africa, etc... to the US on the same day is not uncommon.

    Beans and ammo. :D
  9. US is fully organized and prepped (if such things are even remotely possible for a government) for (mandatory in some school districts) vaccinations starting in the fall. But hey, these vaccinations have tested successfully and by now there is a full 8 weeks or so of test data!

    Btw, "Some of the vaccine will be stored in multi-dose vials containing thimerosal, an antibacterial additive that contains mercury. But there will also be single-dose syringes without thimerosal, a substance that some assert is harmful to children."

    Here's the Washington Post link mentioning thimerosal: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/07/29/AR2009072903607.html

    Without assist from me, the brilliance that is ET, should be able to find their own links regarding vaccinations. Here's a big hint: WHO?
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