History of US Bank Failures

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  3. That guy is part of the Kudlow and Krony crowd. I stopped reading that blog after his Dec. '07 declaration that there would be no recession in '08. Ironic that the recession started the month he wrote that article. And it appears nothing has changed.

    There's a link on his blog about career opportunities at Walmart, lmao.

    Too funny.
  4. List of failed banks from FDIC: Failed Banks Pose Test for Regulators

    The list would be longer but FDIC is having trouble unloading assets from past failed banks. Failed Banks Pose Test for Regulators

    BankUnited down in Florida is the next to go. There's an internal list of bad banks they're hiding from the public.

    In 30 days, Citigroup will be the first of the big 4 (BAC, WFC and JPM the other 3) that will fail the so called "stress test" and will be placed in receivership or the chop shop.

  5. Number of of bank failure does not mean much.
    The more relevant number is the total loss of capitalization of the banks.