History of splits [need data]

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  1. R0bert


    I'm backtesting my trading system and use some price restrictions in it. To apply such restricitions correctly I need splits data, but I can't find it anywhere for delisted stocks.

    Could anybody recommend me free online source of such kind of data? Exactly things I need are: symbol, date, split ratio for period from 1986 for all, even delisted, AMEX, NASDAQ, NYSE stocks.

  2. You are not going to find a free source for what you want.

    Here is everything since 1997 on this attached file.

    http://xmd.xcitek.com/ has just about every corp action you can think of.
  3. R0bert


    Thanks a lot for attached txt, i'll check whether has it complete info for delisted stocks and report here soon.

    2trillenium: history "for a couple of years" is really not enough :(
  4. R0bert


    Yes, it seems all splits even for delisted stocks are present in their database, but only since 1997.