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  1. It would be cool to see a "History of ET" maybe at the top (Home, Forums, ... About Us)

    Rooting around just out of curiosity it looks like April 1999 was the kickoff (Baron's "join date") and the oldest thread I can find is #870'ish which is timestamped wee hours of 1/1/01.

    The bottom of the Forums Thread page says:
    Total Threads: 153,002 | Total Posts: 2,457,799
    I think that's what piqued my curiosity.

    This is thread # 202,xxx so what's up with the numbering sequencing? Are there 153,xxx threads alive out of 202,xxx created?
  2. All of Jack Hershey's threads were deleted.
  3. Every thread during 1999 and 2000 was "bullish". :D
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    A review of deleted threads would show that we're lucky to still be alive. A host of various and sundry conspiracies were certain to kill us all, poison us, steal all our money and enslave us.
  5. How prophetic!
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    I was here or is it I was there?