History channel killing Christianity

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  1. I love this time of year on the history channel

    So many programs showing what a scam Christianity is when held up to the light of science, history and new discoveries
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    I agree the history channel loves to slant its history. They present speculation as if its fact. I particularly love the way they try and pit James against Paul. They seem to ignore that was fact that the teachings of Paul were the underpinnings of the entire Protestant revolution whereas the Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox churches theology seems to be more based on Matthew Mark Luke and John. In fact when responding to Pauline challenges the Roman Catholic church cites the teachings of James.

    The history on the history channel is really of unsupported speculation. Time and time again.

    By the way if someone really learns their teachings - Paul and James and the Gospels are all easily reconcilable.
  3. God men born of a virgin on the 25th of December who die and are ressurected are a dime a dozen thousands of years before Jesus was born..

    It was hardly a new or unique mythology

    Absolutely infantile to take it literally
  4. A faith that cannot survive collision with the truth is not worth many regrets.

    -Arthur C. Clark
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    Idiot, Jesus would be born in late spring according to the story, the sheep were in the field etc. His birthday was changed by evil jokers about 300 AD to match their favorite birthday for deities... you can't deal with the complexities of reality, so what, why bother us with your problems?
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    >Idiot, Jesus would be born in late spring according
    >to the story, the sheep were in the field etc.

    Seems more historians than not place it in the fall rather than the spring... Idiot.

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    Whatever, Merry Christmas idiots...
  8. Funny, that's exactly what Christians do.

    Oh no, wait a minute. Belief in a Creator God doesn't even rank as speculation. Speculation implies something is provable even if it's not proven now. Belief in a Creator God is faith, pure and simple. It is unproven and unprovable.
  9. Paul was in the habit of blessing and cursing with the same mouth.

    James questioned those who bless and curse with the same mouth, saying, "Bretheren, this ought not to be".

  10. This entire world, from beginning to end, is a mind-construct.

    Time begins when the mind begins to grow dark.
    Time ends when the mind is wholly enlightened.

    As the mind darkens, a whole other world arises within it, like the moon, seen only in the dark.

    The history of the world is about a mind that grows darker and darker...then lighter and lighter.

    Light from beyond the darkened mind eventually comes into the mind to enlighten it.

    Gradually, the entire mind is enlightened, and a world that arose out of the darkness is shined away like the sun shines away the moon.

    Now, if you were to search a calendar for symbols of this story, you would find dawn, and December 25 to be of importance.

    December 25 marks a midpoint, where darkness has ceased to grow darker, and light begins to grow lighter.

    In time also, there is a turning point somewhere between the beginning of time, and the end of time, where light enters the darkened mind, and begins to light it up. That time is Christ-time, or "Christmas".

    The beginning of Christ time is symbolized by a birth, or rather, a rebirth of light. Small at first, it gradually grows to enlighten the whole mind.

    Christ light has always been in the world. But the turning point came when a "mind" in the world allowed itself to be wholly enlightened by Christ.

    From there, the light spreads contagiously, from mind to mind. When all minds are enlightened, time will end, and there will be only Christmas...eternity in the light.

    In the light, it will be seen that it was always one mind that grew dark, while in the darkeness, it appeared to be many minds.

    Christ stands before time, and at the end of time.

    In the meantime, it's been millions of years of endarkment.
    In the meantime, it will be millions of years of enlightenment.

    Christmas is still just a babe.

    The world began in sadness. So it will end with joy.

    Merry Christmas,

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