History Channel documentary debunks all 9/11 conspiracy theories, 1 by 1

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    Saw this video on friday night on the history channel, it rips apart every 9/11 conspiracy theory 1 by 1, though im sure the truthers will just ignore it.

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  2. I watched it. It was excellent.
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    I've also seen it or another similar documentary on The History Channel, good stuff. Chronic conspiracy theorist have a habit of ignoring anything that doesn't agree with their preconceived notions
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    Building 7 and lack of fighter interception is troubling. I remember asking myself on that very day, "where in the hell is our Air Force." US can intercept an incoming ICBM, but can't shadow a jetliner? The conspiracy story is incomplete, but ignoring the unanswered questions is equally foolish.
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    They answer all the questions about WTC7 in the documentary, basically from the firefighters perspective, they had the building evacuated already and they simply didnt have the manpower to do anything about WTC7 at that point, which makes perfect sense to me seeing as how a large number of their men had died in the two which had already went down, and the rest were busy going through the rubble trying to find survivors, why would they pull their firefighters from areas where survivors were at that point to go and try to put out a fire in a building where everyone was gone?
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    Its funny how stupid they make those idiots who made loose change look, i wonder if those 2 guys knew when they were being interviewed for the documentary, that it was going to be a documentary which was designed to make them look like total tools.
  7. I saw a site once on the web claiming that the planes didn't crash into the buildings- it was all fancy edited video to make it look that way and the explosions were bombs.

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    I would imagine most of these people who drive these thoeries make a fair bit of money through web traffic or actually writing books, most of the people on the history channel that were conspiracy theorists had their own books, and they basically get all the free advertising they want within the conspiracy theory movement by other people willing to believe anything someone else says which confirms their idiotic conspiracy theory.

    The same can be said about the birthers, i would imagine alot of people are making alot of money off of the web traffic they generate for their sites, so they can basically say whatever they want and as long as it confirms what is in the other lunatics mind, they get all the free advertising they want. Look for that orly taits dirt bag to write a book in the near future if she hasnt already.

    Then by the time it is all said and done all of them have created so much spin and bullshit off each other that none of them even have a clue what the truth is anymore.

  9. Yes and their grand fathers used to sell the Brooklyn Bridge.
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