'Historical Unemployment In Relation to Today'

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  1. a short comparison of GD v 'current' unemploment stats by Nelson Andrews (???)
  2. Good read.

    Debti is the key, the debt to income ration of 2010 is the thorn in the side of consumers....and the economy.

    Who produces? I deal with manufactures...private owners of manufactures. Only 30% is left from the day's of the Industrial boom.

    So, the question is...where are all these paper pushing workers really going to get more Paper Pushing Jobs? The government?

    This is a generation of debt unwinding and the INDU to end up back and stay in the 6000 during this Generation. So, now, retirement accounts overloaded with "STOCKS" will begin to bleed over time.

    The INDU''s hecked movement on Friday, reminded me of the April 2000 move, when the dow drop 600 only to bounce back...but over the next few years...it slowly died....until cheap money was pumped into the system and the RE buble began.

    There is no where to run or hide for most working in the "Private Sector". As the PE rations drown, more layoffs will consume the workers. This year alone has one of, if not the Highest Planned Layoffs since 2001.

    The destruction of the Debted Middle class has started. It will not be over night. It will be a slow death........and the gap between the "Liquid" wealthy and the Middle Class enslaved will only widen.

    Ultimate end is something like a Russia or China. Where people have jobs, but just enough to eat. Cars will be driven for 10 years plus, homes will be run down and renting will be the norm.

    But remember, there was plenty of money made in the Great Depression, in Russia, in China....

    Question is, can the Middle Class truly break free and rise while their counterparts fall? Yes.....only if they truly work hard and get away from the McMansion, I gota have a Mercedes on 10 year buyout, on Bling Bling and trying to keep up with the Smoke Screen of their Neighbors.