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  1. I'm looking for a free site on the Internet where I can download historical stock prices (high/low/close). I tried Yahoo! Finance but their downloaded data is all adjusted for dividends and I'm looking for the actual prices. Any suggestions?
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    siliconinvestor.com is the only other site I know of with historical prices, I don't recall if they adjust for div's or not. What's nicer about their site is that you can also reformat the chronological order of the date display from past to recent, as opposed to yahoo's fixed recent to past display.
  3. I was only able to find last quote and charts on siliconinvestor.com. How do I get historical prices?
  4. Do you mean adjusted for splits, rather than dividends? I was not aware that historical stock prices are adjusted for dividends (maybe returns are, but prices?)

  5. This may be a recent change to Yahoo! Finance. The historical prices show the actual prices (open, high, low, and close) and an adjusted close that reduces closing prices from before a dividend by the amount of the dividend. When you download this to their spreadsheet, the actual figures are replaced with the adjusted figures.

    For example, for XOM on May 1, these are the figures displayed in table form.

    Open = 35.32
    High = 35.77
    Low = 34.99
    Close = 35.48
    Adjusted Close = 35.23 (because of a dividend on May 9)

    The downloaded data is:

    Open - 35.07
    High = 35.52
    Low = 34.74
    Close = 35.23
  6. And if you meant splits, I'd be curious if yahoo is really adjusting for splits. I haven't checked lately but it used to be yahoo did not adjust for splits. Amibroker, which is what I use, has a tool option to handle the splits that come in from data sources such as yahoo.
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    They must've just stopped doing it! I got historical prices from them just a couple of days ago.

    You may want to contact them and see what they say.
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    prophet.net (java charts)
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    once you download the data to excel, click on data - sort. You'll be able to display data from past to recent.
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    Try this link - they have historical pricing
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