Historical Stock Market Returns

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    What is the U.S. stock market returns you can expect if you invest in stocks?

    Is this the same returns that I can invest in a stock market in a different country.. like India or China?
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    Nobody here do stocks?
  3. <img src="http://ichart.finance.yahoo.com/z?s=%5EDJI&t=my&q=l&l=off&z=l&p=s&a=v&p=s"/>
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    what stock is that?
  5. The ticker is in the topleft corner.
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    Invalid Ticker Symbol

    '_dji' is not a valid ticker symbol.
  7. its the dow jones industrial average.:confused:
  8. Hi Ming Wu,

    Today people can invest and trade in most of the markets around the world.

    The markets offer a lot of opportunities and you can take advantage of this continually.

    The better strategies for optimizing returns over time are many and they vary greatly.

    Using a logical approach is called for. That is all that matters. There are no tricks or special things required.

    Edit: Returns overlap greatly from market to market.

    A passive account (you let your broker trade it for you) would give you about 60% a year.

    If you do the work yourself it is much greater.
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    Do I get a higher return if I invest in Japanese stock market or the Chinese, or the American stock mrket?
  10. It would be your personal choice and the time you are will ing to spend.
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