Historical quotes on stocks from say, 1972?

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  1. Where would I be able to find historical quotes from a stock that traded in 1972, and no longer exists?

    (In this case, the company is "A. H. Robins" ... they manufactured the Dalkon Shield that killed a lot of women ... the company went bankrupt sometime in the 70's).
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    Doubt you'll have luck with traditional data providers. Worse case, you can find the New York Times on microfilm in most any Metropolitan or well stocked suburban library. That is if you're in the U.S. Then again I suppose anywhere in the English speaking world archived copies of the NYT are readily available.
  3. Anyone?
  4. There are several very helpful sites (several of which I bookmarked), but I'm still looking for an online resource that gives historical closing prices on a defunct stock from the 70's..
  5. Send an email to the site moderator there they may be able to help. I know some university has this database of all stocks traded since the start. It is online and the data is in electronic form. I just can not find the link now.
  6. Thanks, I'll email them right now!

  7. Oh too right. I live in Australia and all we do is read the NY Times.
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