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    Does anyone have a good place to by historical option settles? Don't need all the bells and whistles that most are selling.

    Also, if someone wouldn't mind lending a hand. I am trying to find the
    SPX Dec Put 825 strike on 12/1/2008 price. Thanks if yo ucan lend a hand.
  2. CBOE market data express has the historical options prices, but not for free. It is not that much money if you just need a couple symbols though.

    I believe SPX Dec 825 Puts closed 52.40 at 54.20 so 53.30 mid.
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    The cheapest place for end of day data is TOS by TD Ameritrade. If you open an account it's free. When you bring up the program, there is a tab for "Analyze." Under that, click on "thinkback". You can go back to the date you need and only receive end of day quotes for basic back testing.
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    Great. Thanks for the help.