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Discussion in 'Options' started by axehawk, Mar 17, 2002.

  1. axehawk


    Does anyone know of a site where I could get free historical option quotes?

    If not, could someone tell me what the BGEN April 50 calls and puts closed at on March 8, 2002? (with the bid-ask).


  2. def

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    4.10-4.50 with a last of 4.40 (the amex came in at 4:45 and posted a closing price of 4.20-4.4 but that was not the posted price at 4PM)
  3. axehawk


    Thanks def.


    I assume the BID $4.10 - ASK $4.50 was for the call. Do you also happen to have the PUT quote handy?

    Thanks again

  4. def

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    sorry, that's what happens when you do things quickly....

    put 2.40-2.65 at 4PM, Amex reported 2.50 at 2.70 an hour later. last trade at 3:42 was 2.6 on ISE.
  5. axehawk


    Thanks a million def. I really appreciate it. I apologize for being a quote leech, but I forgot to ask for one more quote. Could you please post the BGEN APR 55 CALL bid-ask also?

    Also, where are you getting these quotes? I assume you have a professional feed like Redi or RealTick.


    Ax :) :) :)
  6. def

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    bloomberg and i'll PM you tomorrow as I can't do anything until i get to the office.