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  1. Not for long.
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    z32, you are asking for the answer to something which doesn't exist, hasn't existed and never will exist. Your best bet is to follow your system, however poor it may be, and shut everything else off. Making money in this stuff has nothing to do with the opinions of those who write it and report it.

    Once you accept those as yourself are just the necessary fodder for others, the more chances your eventual success.
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    AGAIN, for the 3rd time....who says that I believe that today's headlines is always the cause of today's price?

    it's so obvious that it's not always the case...

    but like you said, everyone's opinion is there own and so is yours...unfortunately, i completely disagree that top business stories have little affect on today's market price. I'll take your advice and consider your opinion like one of the many.
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  4. Better to use the new as a support gauge. Horrific News -> up day =
    market has support and/or shorts getting shellacked

    Great News -> Down day = Market has resistance and/or excessive longs getting shellacked

    good news -> market up
    bad news -> market dn
    corroborated support of trend

    extend to weeks, months, etc...

    The majority of news all the way up since 02 has been downright cruddy, i.e. category 1... shorts getting shellacked all the way up.

    my 2c
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