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    i'm currently looking over a few previous trades and would like to know what was the top stories in the past few days/months to find out what was the main reason why the market moved that direction on this day...

    does anyone know which would be the best source online to find this info? I'd like to be able to just select the day and find out exactly what happened on that day instead of searching through a load of mixed events.

    thanks in advance
  2. How do you know that published information is associated with price changes?

    It is possible that traders buy or sell, price changes and the associated news is published three months later.

    The real reason for price changes might never be publicly known.
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    which means just watch the screen and thats all ya need to know..........this is a game of "ANTICIPATION" based upon PROBABILITIES. If you want sure things go to the track and play the ponies. :p

    Does anyone really think a game in which it is possible to make millions is based on something as easy as 1 and 1 =2 ?

    ya gotta take chances and make assumptions, ya gotta have faith in your signals and above all ya must be more disciplined than a preachers daughter that knows she is missing a lot of fun but stays the course . MONEY management is the answer, NOT yesterdays news.
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    true...but at least getting the top business story on that day is better than nothing.
    thanks for replying though.
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    I don't want to get into a debate on this because it's obvious that what happens in the past does not predict the future...only to some extent...everyone knows this

    but you can't make a good prediction if you don't know what has happened in the past. Most trade signals are just after the fact indicators. It really helps to know the cause and effect.
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    www.ft.com has archive search which answers your questions.
    But I believe that's premium content, $9 a month.
  7. You can't always know the reasons the players with the most BP started working their orders at the times they did. Maybe they felt sentiment changes based on their in-depth networking; maybe they noticed they could fuck more people by sqeezing shorts. Maybe they got off a phonecall where Ben promised to keep the market above 1400 and let it make new highs before year-end. Newspapers just come up with headlines as though every market move is completely rational from a perspective of published-information flow: it's not. Too many participants with differing opinions to make following the news worthwhile IMO: instead, learn to just follow the price, and then you can be like the insider who bought at the perfect time... only unlike the insider, you didn't know that there would be a special dividend declared in 5 days - but you still got to enjoy the ride up because you spotted the buyer.
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    okay but follow the price and what?
    the price correlates to something of course...
    again, i never said I believed today's price is the result of todays news.
  9. Price may correlate to something but may not have "cause".
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    and it may as well...
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