Historical News Articles and FactCheck Agree: Obama is Kenyan-born

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  1. What had been a footnote to a recent posting on this site ¡ª as originally broke by TheBirthers.org ¡ª has become a whirl-wind of unearthed historical documents that were originally posted long before Mr. Obama¡¯s eligibility had ever become the subject of scrutiny. In fact, TheObamaFile.com has compiled a number of links to these various stories:

    ¡öKenya Sunday Standard headline ¡ª ¡°Kenyan-born Obama all set for US Senate¡±
    ¡öThe Nigerian Observer ¡ª ¡°Americans will today go to the polls to elect their next President with Democratic Party candidate, Senator Barack Obama largely favoured to win. The Kenyan-born Senator will¡_¡±
    ¡öUSAfrica ¡ª ¡°Kenyan-born OBAMA makes history¡_wins presidential nomination of U. S. Democratic party; eyes on White House¡_¡±
    ¡öAllAfrica.com ¡ª ¡± Little wonder then why Kenyan-born Barack Obama, America¡¯s first Black President¡_¡±
    ¡öGraphicGhana.com ¡ª ¡°For Ghana, Obama¡¯s visit will be a celebration of another milestone in African history as it hosts the first-ever African-American President on this presidential visit to the continent of his birth.¡± The same article, with the same quote, appeared in ModernGhana.com.
    ¡öThe Ghana Times ¡ª ¡°So far, the odds favour the once underdog in American politics, Obama, the African-American Senator from Illinois state. A Congressional Quarterly (CQ) politics monitored on BBC put the Kenyan born American ahead of his rivel, John McCain.¡±

  2. So, all of those papers are WRONG when they proudly proclaim Obama as "Kenya born"? All of those papers made that fact up and are lying?

    Or, is somebody else lying?

    And if so, who is letting him "get away with it"? (Not to mention the circumvention of the US Constitution.)

    And are those same people exerting influence on our courts and judges to not address the issue?

    These are MAJOR, MAJOR threats to the free America we've all known... :mad:

    Let's hope "stu" sees this... I can't quote him as I have him on ignore.

    BTW... I forwarded the link to Glenn Beck at Fox News...
  3. One give away would be to find out if Obama runs barefoot.
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    So let's look at the rightie "logic" here:

    The American MSM can't possibly be right and the African MSM can't possibly be wrong.

    Yeah, that sounds like the modern rightie mind-set. :D
  5. I think it is (interpretation) of "Kenyan-born"
    The African writers are saying (born of the Kenyan). That is my opinion. All they know is Barack Obama has the Kenyan father. They probably not even thinking about his birth place, but thinking of root. For a very poor continent of people to see their (blood relation) becoming possible president of the USA, a very rich country, this make them proud.
  6. Your interpretation is not consistent with this..

    GraphicGhana.com — “For Ghana, Obama’s visit will be a celebration of another milestone in African history as it hosts the first-ever African-American President on this presidential visit to the continent of his birth.”


  7. To prove what the African writers thinking is can be easy. The birthers or lawyers who look for evidence have to interview ALL the writers. Ask them to explain. IF they think Obama is born in Kenya, ask them what is their proof. IF the writers say they mean (his father) when they say "continent of his birth" that will explain. Easy to prove.
  8. 1. All had the chance to say, "born of Kenyan father" or "Kenyan ancestry", but none did. Is it colloquial style in Africa to say "African born" when meaning "of African descent, but not born in Africa"? Sounds like a stretch...

    2. Do you think it possible those writers and papers might be given some money to say a particular thing? If he really was born in Kenya, then there IS a conspiracy to keep that fact covered up (part of the concern of all Birthers)... so a little more payola in this case would be no big deal to them.
  9. prominet birther gives up the fight. notice even he does not believe obama born in kenya:

    "So, if you think Judge Carter is going to decide the British birth issue in favor of holding Obama ineligible if born in Hawaii, then you are really kidding yourselves. This case has no chance at all.

    I don’t believe Obama was born in Kenya. I believe he was born in Hawaii. But I also believe that the state of Hawaii has been playing fast and loose with their own public disclosure laws and that they should not be trusted, especially since they haven’t been put under oath.

    I also don’t believe it would have mattered to the founding fathers if Obama was born in Hawaii since he was a British citizen at birth, and the founding fathers had just fought a bloody war to rid themselves of British influence. To assume they would have allowed a British citizen at birth to become Commander In Chief of the US armed forces is to disgrace the blood of the patriots who earned this nation’s freedoms and liberties by their very lives.

    For all intents and purposes, the “natural born citizen” safeguard given to this nation by the founding fathers is dead. And the entire Constitution is also dying by a cancer attacking all organs. It will only survive a certain death by miracle. Pray for such a miracle. It is truly your only hope."

    Leo C. Donofrio
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    Well that is consistent and true to form.... it's what birthers do.... ignore stuff which would mean they are wrong
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