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  1. 4awhile


    I am looking for

    Daily Closing Prices
    Daily Volumes

    for the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index components (which changed over time)

    for the time period prior to November 1, 1999.

    Please.... if you have a wise guy reply, be a tad respectful and don't reply.

    Thanks for any/all informed responses
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    You may have to put in some work to get what you want. For historical data there are some sites like tickdata.com that may have what you want, but it is not free. Good luck.
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    THANKS !!
  4. Have you look at CSI data? Trade Navigator gives you free historical data with their platform
  5. this person's wiki-inspired site, free data to download, with stocks and other types of data:


    but I think you might have to find out what stocks in the DJ prior to 1999, I don't know if they have that specified anywhere. I've gotten some data but don't do much research in that area, would be interested to hear what you think of their data.

    I was looking for ASX hourly, but it's hard to find, usually sites have hourly for that day only, then EOD for everything in the past.
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    Thanks for the kind replies. Unfortunately, none of these sites have what I am looking for.

    I want the daily closing price and volume of all components of the DJIA going back as far as possible.

    I know what the components are and how they changed over time.

    A simple test of what I need is to look up the symbols Z and GF.

    Those symbols at one time represented Woolworth and General Foods; which is what I want.

    Thanks again.
  7. ascheer7


    You can find the makeup of the DJ Ind Average over time here going back to 1884.


    A number of years ago I put together the data in spreadsheet format and had a hard time going back since some stocks no longer traded etc. I ended up going to the Library of Congress and looking up some stocks in a manual register there.

    If I can find the spreadsheet I will post here.
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    I would be extremely grateful to get whatever you have. If possible, my email is ayersemails@yahoo.com

  9. biba4


    You can get daily historical data for delisted securities going back to 1950 from Premium Data. For intraday data, I recommend Kibot.
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