Historical intraday e-mini or spy charts

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    I my trying to locate 1 minute historical intraday S&P e-mini or SPY charts to identify trading patterns. They don't need to be real time. But, it would be nice if they were interactive. I would like to go back 6 months to 1 year.
  2. There are a few...

    Try the CME itself for the Emini info...




    QCharts for the Emini and Spy info


    Another option is to simply subscribe to any data provider that allows downloading of data (if that's what you need instead of printing out charts)...

    you'll have as much info as you need as each month passes by with your subscription.

    There are others but you'll have to use EliteTrader.com search menu in the upper right corner to find the other data providers.

    If you need more than several years...

    I believe there are some traders here at ET that have that much downloaded data and probably would sell it to you for a cheap fee.

    Last of all...what exactly do you mean by interactive data?

    Do you mean your looking for a charting program with indicators and stuff that also have historical intraday data...if so...subscribe to any charting program and start downloading daily.

  3. TICK , TRIN , adv / dec volume indicators etc intraday data ?


    Thank you for your advice.