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    Hi folks,

    does anybody know a source where I can get historical Intraday data for Forex? Esignal seems to have some, any other vendors? QCharts? Maybe there is even a free source...

    I'm not looking for charts, just for the plain data (need it for backtesting in Amibroker)

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    eSignal Support eSignal

    Hi DEM,

    eSignal can certainly provide you with historical data on Forex. You can sign-up directly on our site or call us.


    Another ET user asked a similar question last week on this thread. You'll see I found one site you might find interesting for free Forex data.

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    I have bought forex data from this site ($120) for both intraday and daily. I found it using search engines about 3-4 months ago. I am quite happy with what they offer, but I have only really analysed the daily data so far (using metastock) so can't comment on the quality of their intraday data yet:


    Hope that helps
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    bought most of my data from CQG data factory, pricing and quality is ok. Since 1999 we collect our own fx data from two data sources: Reuters and EBS.

    Please be aware that most historic fx data needs lot of cleaning and checking. Also most data is indicative, meaning that the bids and the asks were not tradeable. Only tradeable data is EBS.

    Good trading,

  9. Same here. Highly recommended.
    The price is pretty reasonable and intraday data is clean.
    They offer free update. I also appreciate the quick honest customer service.
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