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Discussion in 'Forex' started by achilles28, Feb 24, 2006.

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    Hey guys,

    Im looking for a free websource for historical interest rate differentials or just historical rates for forex purposes.

    Any kind soul offer me a hand?
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    Thanks late apex. You're up late/early.

    I was hoping for a rolling graph displaying rates (more accurate).

    But this is good for now. Thank you.
  3. Sure, just copy (right from the screen) and paste that data into Excel, allowing you to make charts easily.
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    maybe im doing something wrong.

    I'm entering an 9 month range for any major and getting back only one figure dated at the interim of that 9 month period.

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    does that indicate the interest rate remained static during the quote period of 9 months?
  6. Correct. You are not doing anything wrong.

    Take a look at Euro rates since 2001, for instance. Back then, Oanda used to adjust its lending and borrowing rates almost daily, if only by a few basis points. By contrast, during the entire 2002 their Euro rates changed only 7 times. Same in 2003. Twice in 2004, once in 2005. Go figure.

    All those rates are merely representative anyway, compared to other forex dealers. They include a certain unknown (variable, rather than fixed) spread over / under each country's short-term risk-free rate. Over -- for borrowing rate (ask) that you pay when you're short a currency. Under -- for lending rate (bid) that you receive when you're long a currency.