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    I am looking for a data feed or website that allows me to view historical information like P/E, debt-to-equity, yield, return on capital, et cetera on a day by day historical basis. I am looking for the sort of thing where I can easily request data by simply giving the date. If I have to parse a webpage than so be it.

    The best thing I have found is eoddata.com. Anybody know anything better?

    Preferably free, but if the service is really good, I will pay!
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    bloomberg, reuters, thomson all have this
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    The Blocks Player (free)From Worden Brothers coupled with the Hemscott Financials Datafeed (9.95/mo or 99.95/yr and 14 yrs of Financial History) is the latest and greatest tool out there.

    It will allow you to show everything graphically and I mean everything! From technicals only to graphically displaying any financials you want in a techinical manner.

    I have never seen anything like it!



    You will be able to use the Blocks Player to access many websites such as Yahoo Finance without physically going to the site and typing in a symbol to see the financial info. You will just click on the symbol in the block player watchlist and that yahoo page will instantly display. That's just one example. There's dozens of applications available or to be available for this thing either now or in the future!
  5. QuoteCenter gives acces to 17 years of fundamentals from Reuters for $135/month. I believe you can establish a DDE link and use e.g. Excel to further process the data.
    see: www.equis.com
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    Thanks a million guys.
  7. Fundamental Data with tradestation 8.2

    You can now reference over 400 historical fundamental data fields, such as 17 years of EPS data for MSFT, and 500 snapshot data fields, such as the current (“snapshot”) Dividend Yield for GE. Enhance you Strategy Backtesting by incorporating fundamental data into your strategy, and extend the power of RadarScreen by plotting Earning per Share, Institutional Ownership, and nearly 1000 other fundamental data fields to scan for trading opportunities.

  8. Nowhere do I see a reference to fundamentals availability, only market data (low, high, close, volume, etc.), where do you see access to Reuters Fundamentals?