Historical forex TICK data

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I require historical tick data for several forex pairs.
    Does anybody know where I can get this from?

    Ideally it should go back several years.

    Has anybody looked at these guys?

    Forextickdata.com have only 5 second data at best for individual traders doing less than 1 billion per month.

    And Open Tick is not taking on any more clients.

    Any other options?

    Many thanks,

  2. Opentick doesn't have Forex data anyway, only futures and stocks.

    Put $1000 in an Oanda account and you get tick data for free. No, I'm not shilling for Oanda, just sayin'.
  3. Oanda's tick-data is very clean, im using it in Neoticker. Unfortunately there are only 5 pairs available.

    You can also buy historic tick data for every instrument available on Tenfore (including various single-bank feeds and also HotspotFXi) - but it will cost $20 per instrument per month.
  4. How many years back does Oanda's tick data go ?
  5. From 1.Jan 2004 to 2 month before the actual date.
  6. Thanks for your suggestion.
    I have sent Tenfore an email.
    $20/month per pair is quite reasonable I think.
  7. Sorry, i just checked my mails again, the quote was EUR 20 not USD 20 per pair per month.
  8. Tenfore have tick data going back almost 5 years for all the pairs which I require.

    Thanks for your suggestion.