historical ETF NAV data

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by ej420, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. ej420


    Any ideas where I can obtain historical data for end-of-day NAVs for all US-listed ETFs? How about intraday IIVs?
  2. dyson


    Morningstar's ETF website for EndofDay.
  3. ej420


    dyson, i don't see end of day historical data there. (in any downloadable form.) where do you look exactly?
  4. check quote.com

    I'm not sure whether they do it now, but about 10 years ago I used their service to download historical daily and intraday data at relatively small price. At they had simple program that did it overnight - all I had to do is to set text file with list of stocks/ETFs I was interested in.
  5. I need historical NAV data for all listed US closed-end-funds.
    I searched a little, but gave up.

    I found several sources for end-of-day only (previous day NAV), but nowhere to download it in some txt format so it's not easy to make good use of. For example Morningstar and Bloomberg websites give good updates on the NAV but you have to manually scan them one by one.

    Is there a site to download end-of-day in a file?
    Or even better, historical?
  6. try to guess why noone show ...