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    Is there a website or a file that I can download or screen scrape (I program) where I can get historical earnings dates?

    Thank you.
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    it's a piece of cake. just keep changing the ticker at the end of URL
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    Works great! :cool: :cool:

    Thanks again.
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    This is annoying:


    They list every date for each sub-company of ORCL earnings. That means I have to look at the Event title field. But wait, the event field doesn't call the company ORCL, it calls it Oracle. Sigh, now I need a map from symbol to name to filter those that are not the holding company :(
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    Is there a site that I can screen scrape that will give me the

    Company Name
    All sectors it belongs to


  8. Yahoo Finance might be OK for Symbol and Company Name. Just change the date in the URL, for demo I changed it to August, 30 2001

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    Thanks. The other site is easier since it just lists all earnings, historical or otherwise, all on one page. Now I am looking for Symbol->Company Name map (and if it includes sector(s) memership, big bonus.)

    Note that I don't want to enter a symbol and have it return the company name. I just want a big page or file that shows them all (although I may have to settle for the former :( )
  10. Easiest is to run =BDS("AAPL equity","ern ann dt and per") or =BDS("AAPL equity","earn ann dt time hist with eps") in Excel on a machine that's BBG-enabled -- returns a column of dates and other info. There are other field that pull all reporting tickers for a given day, if you want to aggregate timeseries-wise rather than cross-sectionally.
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