Historical E mini Data from CME

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  1. Introducing E-history - a new, automated historical data service
    available from Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

    This new service makes it easy for you to get the historical CME price
    data you need and feed it directly into your proprietary data models.

    You simply select the data you want and the format you want, and have it
    delivered and updated on a schedule that best meets your needs.

    Your choices include:
    - The type of data you want: Time & Sales, End-of-Day, Spread data
    - The contracts for which you want data
    - Duration of reports
    - Your preferred delivery method: via e-mail or CD-ROM
    - Delivery schedule: daily, weekly, monthly
    - Update schedule: weekly, monthly

    You'll get reliable, accurate data delivered directly from CME at
    reasonable rates - with a discount available for annual subscriptions.

    E-history can help simplify your business processes - and save you time
    and money. Be sure to take advantage of it. For more information, please
    go to the CME Web site at www.cme.com or contact a customer service
    representative at info@cme.com.

    We look forward to hearing from you soon.
  2. Have you looked at the prices profitseer? I know it's all tick data but a bit pricy, no?:)
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