Historical day: China has included this Sunday the right for individual property !

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  1. I translate into english from french news:
    "the private property of citizens cannot be alienated" is now stipulated in the 13th article of the China Constitution whereas the 33th article affirms that "the Governement will respect and protect the human rights".

    Remember this past thread


  2. I expect that with Medias notably british medias - they have always been the seed of propaganda and new fashion - now drawing a picture of US imperialism all over the world, China will profit to even give lesson of democracy and slam the face of US for that. A future political farce of course but it will work because it is the medias that dictate the trend of world opinions.
  3. Amazing news, thank you for this thread.
  4. Hey! that is not true. I saw a story last night on Fox news and....

    Next you will be telling me that elections and politicians are bought and sold like live cattle.


  5. Bingo.
  6. izeickl


    I suppose the media in other countries, esp the US are not manipulated at all?
  7. I would say media strongly manipulates opinions, personalities, ideas and.

  8. ...and I was being sarcastic.

  9. Analysts at Goldman Sachs are making the hypothesis that China will pass Japan and America by 2015 and 2039.
  10. Japan - Yes. Unquestionably.
    US - maybe.

    However, its hard to argue with dudley doright and the rest of the kids at golden snax for opinions worth at least considering.

    BTW - pass us in exactly what? population? GDP? Wealth? Productivity? Everything and a bag o' chips?
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