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    Looking for historical data for sydney futures and hong kong futures to test with trade station.

    any help would be appreciated.
  2. I trade the SPI quite a lot. The Sydney Futures Exchange site is terrible but might have something for you. There is a very interesting new site at incrediblecharts.com which I learned about here at ET. These guys are trying to unroll something big. Because I just trade that one contract, I haven't really gone through all the site has to offer. I will probably subscribe this fall.


    PS: I hope you aren't that jerk with the program trading the SPI JUN and SEP every night. He's getting boring and some big fish is going to come along with some real size and pick him off.
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    thanks for the info. i'll give it a look.

    spoke to SFE rep at a recent convention in nyc who said he would send a cd-rom with data....??????

    P.S. jerk......maybe........but not your spi nemisis :D
  4. I used to trade the SPI everyday. The only place I know that has tick data for the SPI is derivatives.com.au ASCII format. Not cheap about $400 Aussie dollars per year of data. Call or email the for details. It's not specifically quoted on their site.

    I don't know about the Hong Kong Futures Exchanges but if you find someone with good data for the Hang Seng, please let me know.

  5. It's my understanding that eSignal will be adding both these exchanges in the near future
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    Yes bundlemaker, you are right, for eSignal 7.4 release in July we plan to add the following exchanges:

    Australia Stock Exchange
    Sydney Futures Exchange
    New Zealand Stock Exchange
    New Zealand Futures Exchange
    Hong Kong Stock Exchange
    Hong Kong Futures Exchange
    Hong Kong Metal Exchange
    Singapore Stock Exchange

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    how many years of historical data will be available?

    is your data usable with trade station?

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    thanks for the info. much appreciated
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    Chuck, is that 7 years of intraday data? How much other intraday data do you have?
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