Historical data going back >30 yrs

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  1. Many data vendors offer EOD data going back 15-20 yrs. Can anyone recommend a source for EOD securities data going back much longer (1950~), ideally split-adjusted and (most important) including delisted stocks?
  2. that's very helpful, thanks. It seems Yahoo does not show delisted securities though, so it's a first step. Eventually, I'm looking for a data source that includes delisted securities as well, in order to avoid survivorship bias.
  3. ecritt


    The CRSP database from the Univ or Chicago.

    A product called MarketQA from Quantitative Analytics.

    A product called Unfair Advantage from Commodity Systems Inc.

    Ford Equity Research Database from Ford Equity Research.

    A company called Global Financial Data.

    The Factset database, maybe?