Historical Data From March 15th 2000- April 18th of ES

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  1. Was wondering if anyone could post some of the intraday ES charts from March 15th-April 18th 2000 in the ES. Just looking at the daily chart, and it seems there was a LOT of volatility in that period.

  2. Of course... that's the period of the dot-com boom (bust).

    IPO companies never made any money but hosted million dollar pool-side parties using sucker money.

    Yahoo! was thought to be going to the moon...
  3. Yes I know about the tech bubble, but I just wanted to see if anyone has intraday data for the emini s&p during that time.
  4. Here you go. Help yourself: (1-minute data file)

    @ES - TradeStation's continuous ES contract
    Date format... 100 = year 2000, then 2 digit month, 2 digit date
    (e.g. 1000314.00 means 3/14/2000)
  5. Thank you so much!
  6. This is kind of a noob question, but how would I be able to chart this data? Im guessing I would use excel, but I dont know how I would do that.
  7. Most charting packages allow you to import data, but you might need to massage the format a bit (I haven't looked at it).

    If you don't have a charting package, I'd just download the free version of Ninjatrader and use their historical import. The process is pretty straightforward once you get it in to the format they require (which is well documented). This way you'll be able to throw up trendlines/comments/indicators or whatever your little heart desires.
  8. I do hope this would not be a problem, but would you be able to format that data from tradestation to the ninja trader format for me?

    I think this is a guide for doing so: http://www.ninjatrader.com/support/helpGuides/nt7/index.html?importing.htm

    If that is how you did it, I must be doing something wrong.

    Anyways thank you for the help!