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  1. I need historical data for options trading and studying. any idea where i can download this informations.
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    Post this in the options forum to get replies!

    I think ORATS has the data.
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    You will learn nothing from that, they are derivatives with too many variables
  4. optionetics has an extensive database.
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    deep ... the really funny thing is I probably have traded about 10 times as much options over the last five years than you will ever in your lifetime ...
  7. I found a simple strategy and it works perfectly. Not day trading but little longer term. I found it in yahoo groups.

    my strategy is to wait for pullback on qqqq for >1 % and go long on first strength day. hold for 7 days and sell.

    I wanted to see how i can use option to minimize my risk and hedge it properly.
    optionetics site is great ..researching there
    I know lot of great option guys are here who can pitch in.
  8. But you must be mistaken. Since 1999 on average once out of every four *DAYS* QQQQ pulls back >1% (compared to previous close), so you’d be ready to buy on average every four days and hold for seven?

    If you will, link to the Yahoo thread.
  9. anybody else where i can find this data..thanks
  10. :confused: :confused: :confused: I'm trying to help, Billy!
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