Historical Data for Cost of Living.

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  1. Does anybody have any ideas on how to obtain such data?

    I would like to run a study on cost of living and the buying power of 1oz AU and AG vs everyday needs and wants.

    Necessities and luxuries such as jewelry, milk, clothes, loaf of bread, movie/show tickets, bottle of beer, housing rent/avg home price and meat...etc

    I cannot really use inflation tables and such. They are just not accurate and the government numbers are fudged as we all know.

    Thank you.
  2. The price of a Big Mac sandwich and a Chevrolet Impala automobile are deemed to be good gauges of inflation and the cost of living. :)
  3. Good point!:)

    But...I`m looking back to 1933
  4. in 1933 the cost of living was zero. People slept on the street and ate in a soup kitchen. Transportation was free on freight cars.:D