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    Where and How ? if it is possible can one find and download historical data for futures, stocks etc. i am using esignal to feed tstation help
  2. I am also looking to find historical data.

    Specifically, all I am looking for right now is 30 min data, ascii, comma separated for NQ, or ES. I have data going back to end of last July, so only just over 3 months worth.
    Any suggestions for obtaining 30 min data for one or both of those would be appreciated. This may be asking for the moon, but if anyone could possibly pm me and maybe be able to email me some 30 min data, I dont even care what month, or what year you may be able to spare, but I would be eternally grateful.

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    Here's one of our FAQs that should answer your question.

    What is the Data Export Feature?

    This is a feature that will allow you to take the result of your chart and export it into a tabular format for use with another application. In order to access this feature right-click in an Advanced chart, choose Tools, then choose Data Export. You will see the Data Export screen, which will display each part of the data that is in your chart in columns. It is color-coded to match the colors of the information on your chart. If there is a particular column of data that you would not like to export simply uncheck the box at the top its corresponding column.

    Right Click within an Advanced Chart window > choose Tools > choose Data Export. The Data Export screen appears with data displayed in columns.
    Uncheck the boxes in the columns of data that are not needed.
    Save as a Text file, a HTML file, or COPY the data export into the Window's clipboard to be used in a program of the user's choice.
  4. mandrake


    by historical data i mean the following scenario: my computer shuts down sometime during the night. in the morning i turn it on but i'm missing the overnight data on my charts. where can i get that missing data ? can i download the data to my charts to fill in the spaces?
  5. eSignal offers backfill. Since you are using TS you might need to buy another add on product that fills the data from esignal for you. It might be cheaper to buy a new software that has this feature included, want a list? :) Or open an account with TS?
  6. Is Esignal the way to go for a well rounded and reliable streaming RT as well as indepth historical data for back testing? Need help in this department as well. (using WD3 and IB) :p