historical BID ASK data where to buy?

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    where do you get historical intraday BID ASK data for backtesting?
    I can have some over the API from IB, but no expired contracts!

    Until now i found on the web, only tick or other intraday data which are only prices data which were traded. But i want the BID ASK quotes (1 minutes, 2, or 5 minutes) would be nice.

    Look for:
    CME® E-mini® EQUITIES indices
    European EQUITIES indices
    Where do you get historical intraday BID ASK data?

    PS: do you backtest only with traded prices?
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    You misunderstood. I dont want normal tickdata!

    BID ASK data like this:
    BID data example:
    Date		Time		BIDopen	BIDhigh	BIDlow	BIDclose
    01.02.2006	15:45:00	4958.50	4958.50	4958.50	4958.50
    ASK data example:
    Date		Time		ASKopen	ASKhigh	ASKlow	ASKclose
    01.02.2006	15:46:00	4960.50	4960.50	4959.00	4959.00
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    Did you find what you looked for twinx?

    I bought some tick data with bid and ask on DAX but only for a few years...