Historical back adjusted daily datas for commodities

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    I am looking for back-adjusted daily datas for the 1st( nearby ), 2nd and 3 rd back months on soft commodities, especially CBOT( also interested in NYBOT and CME ). The longer the best. The adjustment can be made by absolute difference or ratio, it doesn't matter.

    I have looked at a lot of common free historical database, but they don't offer back months. Do you know where I can find these kind of datas? I don't need upper quality so I prefer free datas, but if some cheap datas exist...

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Commodities Research Bureau. I just bought all months on ES, NQ and YM going back to inception for $20 per ticker, sent out on CD and downloadable in Excel.

    www.crb.com i think.
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    Thanks a lot. It's pretty cheap.

    Any free :D someone? Sorry.
  4. Every free source I saw had spotty data and problems with downloads. I figures I would avoid all that and found that cheap source. CBOT wanted lik $600 for YM data, CRB gave it to me for $20 lol. Chicago Bastards of Trade...
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    Whilst we're on the topic of market data where can I get a quote, daily, or better intraday, for the Malaysian Palm oil futures, barchart.com list it but there's no data there, Thanks.