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    Hi if anyone can help i would greatly appreciate that. I am looking for 5 min historical data (as far back as possible.. as early as 2001 would be great) in excel format.

    I need the Date, time and bar open and close for 5 min data for last 9 years (or at least 2-3 years if possible) for EURCHF, EURGBP, NZDUSD, EURUS, USDJPY and AUDCAD. pls help thanks (i'm willing to pay for the data from a vendor as well).
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    can anyone help?
  3. Gcapman


  4. katiewc


    thanks again for your help.

    unfortunately that doesn't have what i need.. which is 5 min data
  5. Gcapman


    That's the only historical data feed going back a few years -- for free that I know of
  6. katiewc


    thanks again. any idea where i could buy data?
    i don't mind paying for it.

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    Maybe eSignal..........
  8. For forex data the gold-standard is http://www.olsendata.com/
  9. biba4


    You can also try with disktrading.is99.com

    Be aware that their Forex data is aggregated using ASK prices. The most common way to generate bars from tick data is by using BID prices.
  10. hi katiewc

    i am professional trader with very good system but i am need more info
    u can share the data? i can share my studies

    thx in advance!
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