'Historic' deal to avoid government shutdown

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Bob111, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. Bob111



    if i got my math right the all this buzz about US default,gvt shutdown and other "catastrophic events"is worth about 2% of the budget...wow!!!!

    this guy in comments below article was right-

  2. So the drama queens have saved the day. The entire bunch couldn't run a hot dog stand. Message to Bin Laden. Help! We have 535 people you can send to meet Allah anytime now.
  3. That's because they have to appease leftists like you. [​IMG]
  4. Whew - they must have gotten Boehner on-board at the last second.

  5. pspr


    Boehner had his deal a couple days ago and was trying to squeeze a little more out of the Dems before OKing the deal. Just a little game of brinkmanship.

    Notice how Obama is taking full credit for the cuts. Obama is the biggest hypocrite in the country. Fortunately, everyone but the Obama Zombies can see right past his lies.