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Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by tiagop, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. tiagop


    Is there any service that provides historical data (prices, ratios, etc) feeds?
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  3. just21


    Free eod datafeed with ninjatrader 7. looks like a rebranded iqfeed.
  4. Occam


    If you've got a budget in the 000's, you might try NxCore -- http://nanex.net/. They provide full feeds of NBBO/Level 2 for various markets, accessible through their API which also works for real-time quotes (which of course you'd have to learn).
  5. Bob111


    the question itself doesn't make any sense to me..but since you have only 2 posts-you will be forgiven this time :p

    you need data for what? stocks?options? futures?currencies?cfd's?
    daily?intraday?tick data?
    which exchange? nyse,nasdaq,toronto,london?

    iq feed is relatively inexpensive and user friendly and support a lot of third party soft

  6. tiagop



    I need data just as Gurufocus.com has for all the historical financial data of a company (stock prices, balance sheets, etc).

    I'm creating a app ( http://stockding.com/ ) that could make good use of that kind of service.

    I'm not sure if IQFeed is what I need for that. I've heard about Zacks Financials but I can't get any answer from them.

    Thank you and sorry the bad post.
  7. Bob111