Hispanics blackmail America to give immigration amnesty

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    The idea here seems to be that the demographic that defeated the GOP is Hispanics who vote for Democrats who are perceived to support total amnesty for illegal immigrants and removal of all barriers to free immigration.

    It is being said that the GOP must adopt amnesty as part of its platform or it will simply be kept out of power by the Hispanic vote. In effect the Hispanic voters have successfully blackmailed the United States into dropping any resistance to illegal immigration.

    So both parties will court Hispanic voters by giving total amnesty and dropping all border and immigration controls. The United States will be flooded with immigrants from South America, Central America, Mexico and any other immigrants who seek to enter via our southern border.

    Programs like Social Security and Medicare will be bankrupted even more rapidly by paying benefits to people who did not contribute to the funds. Our medical system will be overwhelmed by immigrants who pay a disproportionately low percentage of tax revenue and the United States will become a primarily Hispanic country. Likely we'll see much of the corruption encountered in Latin America entrench itself into our justice system and in local government like we saw in Bell and Vernon California where the city council voted itself enormous salaries and the city manager looted millions in local tax revenue in an impoverished city.

    At what point does the country decide that democracy isn't working anymore? What does an increasingly Hispanic population mean for African Americans? You don't see many black people in Latin America outside of Brazil. Will Puerto Rico be granted statehood? Will English continue to be the primary language taught in our schools or will the Hispanic population demand a change to Spanish? What will happen to the LGBT community? Will the deeply Catholic Hispanic population repudiate LGBT legislative gains and push them out of the country?

    I don't have a personal problem with Hispanics. Though I'm only 1 hour from downtown Los Angeles I live in what could be described as a mexican village like something out of the movie "Milagro Beanfield War". The locals refer to me as El Jefe and it might sound weird but my empty garbage cans are often brought up my very steep and very long driveway to the main gate after they've been emptyed by the garbage truck on trash day. I've never had a problem with the locals and they seem proud to have a landmark home on the mountain above their town. For years I employed a few Hispanics to trim my trees and haul stuff to the dump but I've curtailed that and mostly do all of the work myself.

    The only problem I've ever heard of in the town is that there is the occasional murder of a black man by the Hispanic gangs. That has happened 3 times in 6 years so it is clear that there is tension between blacks and the local latinos. That is why I wonder what will happen to blacks when the entire country becomes mostly latino.

  2. You don't have a problem with them because you keep your mouth shut about stuff like this in the real world only to come and dump it here. As far as blacks and latinos and issues go, more stuff made up in your conservative mind to try to find some kind of wedge. Give it up, 377, give it up.:D
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    No, I don't think I'll give it up RCG.

    I invite you to take a walk through the town here after dark. I'm not so sure you are going to like the New Hispanic America. :D

    The locals don't seem to have any qualms about killing blacks and the last one was found in pieces all over the town. First they found a hand, then a torso, then other parts here and there. They never did find the poor bastard's head. That seems to have been disposed of more carefully. The black fellow turned out to be a drug dealer so the police weren't too concerned about solving the case. The gang members might have done the community a service by killing a known criminal.

    Maybe you can try Brazil. They've got a very integrated population though I understand that it is very stratified so far as leadership in politics and business. Still, it might be a way for you to get off of graveyard shift and a grey and meaningless life in Peoria, Illinois. You could buy a Powerball ticket, it is up to 425 million dollars. Win that and you could buy yourself a home on the beach in Malibu, frolic with the local lasses etc. I genuinely hope you find some way out of your predicament as the life you are currently living is an awful form of slow death by... boredom.

    I wondered if maybe you could trade your way out of there but after you shared some details of your trading strategy I'm almost sure that isn't going to work. In fact you may lose what you've managed to save. All of those years in dingy little apartments and then to see the savings vaporized in a few bad fx trades. Tragic.

    Anyway, better get those spanish language lessons going. It will probably become important to at least be bilingual.
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    Great idea, though our girly man "nurse" certainly doesn't have the balls to do it.
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    The dems are so happy with themselves for capitalizing on the changing demographics of the country. I'm just looking at the bright side of these developments. Its important to maintain a positive outlook. :D
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    More African's murdered by Hispanics? I suppose since us productive Caucasian male tax payers are now the minority. There's not much to do but sit back and <s>watch</s> enjoy it.
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    Wow! Where did that come from? You must know the latinos and blacks don't get along that well. And you not knowing how to operate a firearm.
  8. That is why I wonder what will happen to blacks when the entire country becomes mostly latino.


    There's going to be a very large group of Hispanic people going to sensitivity training.....:cool: lmao

    A friend was telling me about a work place incident where a mexican called the black co worker the n word\, more than once.
    Crack me up when I heard that..... I guess the hispanics are keepng it real.

    The same conundrum EPA faces everyday.

    .... where one endangered species is eating the other...what to do?

    Whatever will whitey do.........bring popcorn....:D
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    They'll probably move all the blacks down to Mexico to work in their factories.
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