Hispanic families are poised to be a “mega force” in the housing market

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  2. on top of that hispanics are the slowest to Americanize

    now that is the BIGGEST PROBLEM
  3. Can't have it both ways it seems. Many countries procreate more due to the horrible fatality rates, many people do the same due to lack of understanding the difference between contraception and abortion rights. Religious people are stuck in the middle it seems.

  4. you do know that even in the countries where people are starving the catholic church is still right there preaching that birth control is a sin?
    catholics are more than stuck in the middle. they are often the cause of misery and death.
  5. And yet the catholic church has given more money to the poor & hungry than any organization in history. Hmmm.

    Also, there is very little presence of the Catholic Church in China, they are not having lots of children, and yet they are poor, hungry & miserable. How do you explain that then?

    Question for you though. Is the catholic church responsible for your misery?
  6. China has state rules about having only one child, that explains that aspect.

  7. I actually respect what the Church does to help with the poor. Very admirable. I just have issue with such Draconian viewpoints on human nature, contraception, and all that.