His name was Al-Amin

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  1. He was known as Al-Amin
    he had created in a lovely valley
    enclosed between two very high mountains
    a beautiful garden
    full of every variety of fruits and trees
    that could be obtained

    around these plantations
    were various palaces and pavilions
    decorated with golden ornaments

    he brought young girls
    of perfect beauty and full of charm
    to live here
    paintings and furniture all made of silk
    and they were trained to sing
    to play all sorts of instruments
    to dance
    and above all
    to make the most seductive advancements
    to man that can be imagined

    this is the reason the old man
    had this place built

    Mohammed, having said those who obeyed his will,
    would go to paradise where they would find all
    the pleasures and delights of the world

    beautiful women and rivers of milk and honey
    this man wanted to pretend that he could make
    anyone he wish enter this very paradise

    no one could penetrate into the garden of paradise described
    for they had built at the entrance to the valley a very
    fortified and impregnable castle

    it could only be entered by a "secret road"