Hiring OTC energy brokers

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  1. My firm is looking to expand our OTC CL and NG desks in the coming months. If you are a power or other product broker, please PM me - we are looking to break into other markets as well.

    Looking for experienced brokers w/ a book of business to come in brokering right away, and we are looking for new brokers w/ no experience who we will train.

    No licenses required. Knowledge of financial markets a must.

    If interested, please PM me.


  2. So, you are requesting that brokers give/bring their customers to you, and for this privilege, you are making them move to Texas? So you can purloin their customers?

    And all you offer as evidence for your stability is a 2 paragraph ad posted on a forum, because you couldn't afford to run a paid ad somewhere? At least you didn't choose craigslist...

    Don't fall all over yourselves signing up!
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  4. Any interested parties can judge my post for what it is. I do not believe I asked for anyone to give up their clients.
  5. the amateurish nature of your post lends you no credibility. Now I see why you need more customers.

    But I see you used powerful arguments in addressing the concerns in my post
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  7. Thank you for bringing your concerns about my post to my attention.

    Any parties interested in learning more about the position can, and have, PMed me for further info.