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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by madmunny, Mar 13, 2006.

  1. Got a question i would like some feedback and opinions on......

    I am currently doing interviews to hire about 7-8 new trainees for Prop trading positions and one of my applicants is a guy around 35-40.....got a wife and 2 kids....has a sales job where he says he earns about 75k a year (here that is really good coin....i understand in NY or Chicago that woulnt cover your morning coffee but here 75k gets you a damn good life).......but he wants to quit that job and give day trading a try.......well anyone reading this post should know day trading aint an easy way to make an income and most cant cut it and i am having difficulties with whether or not it would be the responsible thing on my part to give him the opportunity or reason to quit his quite lucritive job and try day trading........now obviously there are lots of variables i have no idea of like he could be a millionaire alreadyand money isnt an issue...or that he may not actually make the kind of money he says he does.....or his wife may make good money at her job and so he can afford to not get paid for a few months.........but i can only go on what i know for fact which is he has a wife and kids to support and has that ability to support them now.

    I also realize its his life and his family and his money ect.......but as a fairly unexperienced "manager" im not to sure if i am comfortable with hiring someone in that position. As a responsible manager should i consider not hiring this guy because of his family situation? And yes except for his age he is the perfect type of personality for day trading......competative....into sports....knows quite abit about the markets....intelligent...ect........if he was 22 with no family it would be a no brainer to hire him.

    opinions and suggestions wanted
  2. Why don't you just tell him that and ask him if he handle not making any money for a while?
  3. BSAM


    The real question is: Do you want to make a fool out of a fool? Sounds like you're trying to talk yourself into doing something that you know you shouldn't.