Hire "traders" to work for you?

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  1. I got this idea shortly after my job interview at a telemarketing company. The job is dead simple. Basically the computer calls the "customer" and there is a text prompt on the screen that you read off of. Then they press a series of keys depending on what that person says. They make 7 an hr plus 20% commission on all sales.

    Based on the above, I thought it'd be a cool idea to hire people like myself to trade someone elses system.

    They get a set of rules to follow, and they get paid an hourly wage, and maybe x% commission on successful trades.


  2. there's a person on elite who did that exact thing( without the salary. ofcourse) with a greybox semi auto system. he is quite succesful.

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  3. Probably the same this stopping you!!!!!

  4. its a black/grey box. all the trader does is decide to take the signal or not. nothing to take/learn other than good signal from weak signal.

  5. and these "traders" wouldnt need a series 7 either. Start-up costs should be low too...rent a small space, few cheap dells, cable internet....or maybe they could trade your system remote and there for all you have to do is sit back and collect your money :p .

    "traders" with too much draw down would be fired, but if they make 20% commission on profits a week, they'd do what it takes.
  6. I could see a very seasoned (aka wealthy) trader considering something like this purely to free up time.

    Of course, as soon as the 'worker trader' learned the system, they'd be out of there trading their own money so the turnover would be huge AND your system would be in many different hands.

    Sounds like a good idea on paper but hard to see this working, unless in an environment mentioned above where the actual trading methdology is not disclosed.
  7. Kiwi said on here once or twice that he's givin his system but few on here know how to use it. We all know their more to trading than just having a list of rules. In fact, wouldn't that be good if everyone knows my system?... if I buy xyx at x price, then so do many others, pushing up/down price.

    Cant you have them form some kind of contract...I'm sure the people at Coke/ Pepsi have such a contract with their workers..keeping these kinds of things secret.
  8. Can an automated system trade multiple stocks/ futures at a time on one platform?
  9. Where do you live?

    I have a greybox system that I trade but was thinking of hiring someone.

    so I placed an ad..lol..you should see some of the responses I get.
    I only liked one person. So I sent him a little test. I didn't like his response but I'm still thinking about hhiring him.
  10. Alabama. Only two traders I know of live in this entire state. It's sad. Where you at?
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