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  1. clooch


    ANyone have any suggestions??

    I've been eagerly contacting prop firms for the past 2 months and haven't accomplished anything. Here's my story.......

    I am in Canada residing in a very remote location, have abt 5 years trading experience in futures primarily daytrading the es, us, and zb. Have experience trading equities with longer term positions. I am looking for a company that does not require any deposit, either is profit sharing or salary based, it does not matter whether this company is American or Canadian. I am willing to relocate for as long as it takes to establish myself and gain the trust, knowledge, and experience required to excel. In the end, once I have become accomplished I would like to be given the opportunity to trade remotely and return to my place of residence. I am very confident in my trading abilities and failure is not an option.

    Is all this possible? Does this company exist? and where should I start looking?

    Any help would be most appreciated

    Thank you in advance
  2. Sanjuro