hip hoppers begin property LIQUIDATION!!

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  1. Rocko1


    Hmm is this more likely the result of file sharing piracy?
  2. llool
  3. Ho's not included?

  4. who knows.... the s@rge kn*ght BK is quite interesting....
  5. MattF


    50's house has been on the block for quite some time...8, 9 months now I believe...
  6. russel simmons does. he has details in his house.

    fity cents' house is more like a warehouse (size wise) w/ cheap lumbar for details.

  7. interesting. im not a hip hopper, but i think russell simmons is brother of rev. run dmc. both homes on market.

  8. funny to see the Saddle River houses listed by Simmons & DMC......they are about 10 min from in the next town over.
    just 2 months ago they had a write up in the 201/NJ mag where everything was wonderful.....lifestyles of the rich & famous type crapola.
  9. sumosam


    Please enlighten me. I understand that alot of folks who took subprime mortgages were probably below average wage earners to say the least.

    I know alot of big homes have been for sale, but just don't get the connection. With the difference between the rich and "poor" so large now in the US (I am not American), don't quite get how these high income earners could crash so suddenly."

    I know alot of rich folks can also live beyond their means, but surely these homes were not bought with subprime mortgages.

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